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About a month or so ago on a wild and crazy Friday night I found myself watching When Harry Met Sally with a couple of my close friends. When the credits rolled, I felt the urge to make yet another visit to one of the most magical places in our country, New York City. Fortunately for me, the next day, my roommate Emily invited me to travel with Consider the Wldflwrs, her jewelry company, to help her sell at the September Renegade Craft Fair in the Big Apple! It was fate. 

Before this trip, I'd been to NYC several times - but never had I been just with friends over the age of 21 (I note this because many places are off-limits to those that are underage - regardless of whether you drink or not). Because I had done the sight-seeing thing before, my agenda, besides working the craft fair, consisted solely of walking, eating, and imbibing my way through the city. And that we did.

The craft fair was in Greenpoint, one of the northern most Brooklyn neighborhoods. We stayed in a cute AirBNB on the edge of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, the hippest Brooklyn 'hood. Every morning Emily and I made our way to the fair, we worked the day there, and then met up with friends at night. It almost felt like we were Brooklynites, albeit temporarily.

I am 100% an extrovert - drawing energy from everyone I encounter. On the first subway we took, Emily and I both noticed a girl standing next to us - she was wearing jewelry from Emily's favorite Brooklyn store and reading a script on her phone. We wondered what her story was. Why did she live in New York? What did she do for a living? Where was she going?

The ladies across from us Renegade - Of Note Stationers and B. Impressed, were the best booth buddies we could've asked for. As each day waned, we became more delirious, dancing in the aisles of the fair and waiting for the last few shoppers to leave. We all became quick pals. 

While we made a number of new friends, we also had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Every night, Emily and I would meet up with Mike - a friend of mine from high school - and Liz - a friend of ours from Belmont - and hit the town. We found ourselves discussing everything - from what it's like to live in New York, to free healthcare, to Tinder - in every kind of place - from rooftops to the oldest running bar in East Village (where we proudly sang the national anthem with other patrons). 

old friends.

old friends.

I left New York recharged and excited for life. The concentrated energy from its smart, creative, and diverse population can't help but hit you square in the face - like that smell when you exit the subway (except wonderful) or a surprise thunderstorm that leaves you soaking wet yet smiling (that happened). This time around I didn't need to see a show or go to Times Square. The pulse of the city that never sleeps quickened my heart and reminded me to breathe deep and soak in what every person and place has to offer regardless of where I am.


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