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5 Things - Nashville

Living in Nashville since 2009, I’ve read my fair share of articles from the New York Times and Conde Nasts of the world denoting why it’s such an “it” city. I’ve come to love this town for many of the people, places, and things on those lists, but there are several things about or in Nashville that don’t get the recognition they deserve. From the general climate all the way down to a specific popsicle, here are five things I love in or about Nashville:

Four Seasons - Coming from Texas, having a proper spring, summer, fall and winter was unheard of until I moved here. Nashville may be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience the forces of nature. Just a few weeks ago, the city was blanketed by 8 inches of snow in the middle of winter. The springs and the falls here are crisp and bright. The summers are hot and humid and call for tank tops all day, every day (as well as pontoon day trips, one of my favorite pastimes). By the time you are ready for one season to be over, the next one is on its way.

The Thin Mint Paleta - Las Paletas is a gourmet popsicle shop that has been featured in all of the previously mentioned articles about Nashville. Most people like to talk about how delicious the “Avocado” paleta is… but those people have not tried the Thin Mint Paleta. That’s right, you read correctly. Thin Mints as in Girl Scout Cookies. One a year, when the Girl Scout Cookies have been delivered, Las Paletas releases a chocolate popsicle with two WHOLE Thin Mint cookies inside of it. It’s the most delicious frozen sweet treat in town - but usually it’s not available come summertime - when the general public thinks of eating popsicles - because of lack of supply and great demand.

Regal 27 Hollywood - Just a few miles away from Las Paletas, spectacular lights adorn the outside of Regal 27 Hollywood, inviting moviegoers in for an evening at the theater. Inside, the theater isn’t anything special - it’s a very standard, dingy, outdated feeling venue. But the outside makes the movies feel like you're at a red-carpet event in decades past. You don’t even have to be a moviegoer to appreciate the lights -  you can’t miss it driving south on 65 at night. And despite the fact that I live closer to the Green Hills movie theater, I usually make the trek to Regal 27 Hollywood.

Picture Frame Warehouse - As a young professional, I have little original art - but I have collected many posters and prints from bands, artists, and photographers I love. My favorite small business in town is run by a couple of framers who have a shop off White Bridge (near Target) and in Berry Hill (near Regal 27). The best thing about it? They run a $40 custom framing special for prints up to 24"x36”. I’ve dropped off 10+ prints with David and Steven so that I can show them off on the walls of my home without embarrassment… and I’m never disappointed. They’re friendly guys that will find a solution for your art needs, whatever they may be.

Warner Woods Loop - I live a hop, skip and a jump (well, more like a 10 minute drive) away from Percy Warner Park and frequent it on a weekly basis for the Warner Woods Loop. After you tackle the daunting staircase (I walk, other intense athletes run), there’s a 2.5 mile loop for the perfect hour-long nature break in your day. On the weekend, you’ll see families, cyclists, and trail runners getting their outdoor fix here. The rest of Percy Warner Park is great as well, but the Warner Woods Loop is an easy way for me to skip the gym to get outside.

There are numerous other people, places and things to love about Nashville, but the above list is just a peppering of hidden or not so hidden gems that make the city what it is to me.