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the in-betweens

a poem I wrote in february 2014 and return to in times of transition:

I love the in-betweens.
It’s what brings together hot & cold
when the leaves begin to fall
or the flowers start to bloom
but we’re not quite there yet.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s conversations on planes and trains
only to be had with those who
find themselves in the same circumstance
regardless of the journey they’re on.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s greeting each other
not with a handshake or a hug
but a kiss on the cheek (or two, or three)
a quieter kind of love.

I love the in-betweens. 
It’s the sun peeking out
from behind the clouds
if only to say
don’t worry, I’m on my way.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s that lingering eye contact
between two among many
saying everything
yet not a word is spoken.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s that fluttering in your core
when you see that same friend of yours
and suddenly it’s hard
to just act normal.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s those wee hours in the morning
when you ponder your dreams
and sort out your thoughts
excited and scared and unable to fall back asleep.

I love the in-betweens.
It’s the hope of something yet to come
not knowing what’s in store
or the bittersweet goodbye to something gone
closing the cracked open door.

Most of us hate the in-betweens -
myself included.
But only when I stop to think
what life would be without them
I begin to see why
I love the in-betweens.

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